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Its been nearly a century since we first opened our doors ready to start serving London's East End with one of Britain's most iconic meals, and not much has changed since then. Established in Bow in 1926, we moved to Leytonstone in 1978 where, just like in Bow, all our pies are still handmade daily using our traditional family recipe which dates back four generations.

We pride ourselves on being one of London's oldest surviving Pie and Mash shops and hope that one day you can visit us and experience what a true taste of London is really like. If you are unable to make it to our shop, we offer a Nationwide chilled delivery service so you can enjoy our pie, mash & liquor anywhere in the UK.

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From settling down in London to surviving a world war, the last 100 years have been quite the journey for us at The Noted Eel & Pie House. Our family have now been making pies for almost a century. Find out all about our family history and how we originally started serving one of London’s oldest traditional meals.

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Leytonstone Pie Mash
Leytonstone Pie Mash


Pies – We have made our fair share of pies over the years so it’s safe to say we know what we are doing. All our pies are handmade every morning and filled with a generous helping of fine Scotch beef which we bone and mince onsite weekly. The pies are baked in our 70 year old gas ovens giving them the character and taste everyone has grown to love. 

Vegan Pies (Soya Mince) - In 2021, after years of customers asking, we finally introduced fully Vegan Pie Mash & Liquor to our menu! Just like our traditional pies, they are made using our own unique recipe in house and are baked to order ready to quash every Vegans Pie & Mash cravings.

Mash – All our potatoes are locally sourced and delivered to us bi-weekly ready to be peeled, cut and cooked into the perfect mashed potato. All that’s added is a sprinkle of salt which helps to bring out that extra burst of flavour.  


Liquor – It wouldn’t be pie mash without a lavish helping of liquor in accordance with East End tradition. We use the same ‘secret’ recipe that has been handed down the generations so it will be hard to come by any other this heavenly.

Eels – For centuries stewed and jellied eels have been a favourite amongst the working class of Britain. Fresh from the Dutch rivers, we are one of the last remaining pie mash shops which still keep live eels and although traditionally gutted and cut outside shop fronts, all the prepping is now done behind closed doors, phew! Once prepped the eels are cooked in a slightly spiced stock before being served steaming hot or cooled down ready to be jellied. They are the perfect side dish and an essential for anyone looking to get the full pie mash experience.

Leytonstone Pie Mash
Leytonstone Pie Mash
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